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Notes From the Studio

AW 16 Collection

Notes From the studio

Season after season, we try to stay true to who we are while remaining relevant to the needs of our clients. While this is not always an easy feat in such a fast-paced industry, it was made easier knowing that this perpetual exploration of our identity ,while time-consuming, is continuously nourished and accompanied by our clients who had helped shaped MétaFormose over the years. This November will mark Métaformose’s 4th birthday , and we’ll host a series of pop-up events starting from mid -Nov to celebrate this little milestone before hopefully many others on this crazy wonderful journey.

Timeless, season-less, and without borders

We’re super excited to be introducing our A/W 16 collection, which will be season-less and much more comprehensive to better cater to the needs of our clients. On top of the in-house bespoke collection,there will be more limited-edition,one of a kind pieces, including handmade knitwear from our collab project. We’re also rolling out a carefully curated capsule collection composed of a bevy of European labels mid-October that will be showcased in our pop-up venue in November, December, and January.Despite the growing collection, the core of MétaFormose remains very much the same. MétaFormose strives to provide quality artisanal pieces that are ethically produced in small quantity, uniquely designed, and made to measure and made to last.

Natured-inspired colours layered with spontaneous prints

This season, we’re looking to our immediate surroundings for inspiration- the blue in the sky,the emerald in the ocean, the ochre in the earth,the rust in the stone, the luscious red in wine, and the tonal variation of metals, layered with sumptuous prints and motifs- from geometric to abstract, from chinoiserie to floral, anything goes.

Reinterpreting traditional Asian  womenswear

Here at MétaFormose, we have always been fascinated by the subtle elegance that is unique to the traditional womenswear in East-Asia (i.e. Cheongsam from China , Kimono from Japan, and Hanbok from Korea) but we have been equally exasperated with how unwearable and outrageously-priced most of them are.This season, we set out to re-imagine some of the most iconic cultural garments to make them more relevant to modern women with places to go and people to see. We cut the silhouette generous and loose and added some detailing to make them less physically-restricting and more flatteringly-proportioned.