About MétaFormose

About MétaFormose


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Métaformose is a Taiwan-based demi-couture studio/boutique that produces its in-house womenswear collection in which everything is handmade and semi-customized. On top of a constantly updated collection, MétaFormose also carries various independent labels from around the world,collaborating exclusively with labels that take tremendous pride in their artisanal craftsmanship and ingenious designs.

Founded by Wanyun, a born-and-raised Taiwanese entrepreneur, MétaFormose came to her as a hindsight after months of experiencing Kafkaesque nightmares when she was working at her 9-5 gig. To honour the genesis of the idea, she named the shop after Kafka's literary masterpiece with a little play-on-word and Frenchification to celebrate Formosa (a.k.a Taiwan), a place that continuously shapes and informs the spirit and culture of MétaFormose.

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