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Open Studio Day

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每月Open studio場次請按右上角的拉下式選單!現場秋冬系列樣品僅供展示 可預購但不作販售 現場會提供新品系列色卡的參考 礙於場地空間不大 容納人數有限 需私訊預約 請用官網右下角的Message Us私訊告知姓名 電話 以及預約時間 (也可利用留言方式聯繫我們) 我們團隊會盡速確認您的預約喔 也請多多關注我們的社群平台 (Facebook/Instagram) 謝謝!!

                   IG:@metaformose / FB:@shopmetaformose

                                            新品/new in

We're opening our studio in Taoyuan on Oct 28 from noon to 6 PM. All samples on site are available for pre-order,and we'll also have all the fabric swatches ready for the new collection. Reservations are required for this event.Please DM us by clicking on the "Message Us " button to the bottom right corner of the page and state your name,number,and the time you wish to visit. Our team will get back to you ASAP to confirm your reservation. Thank you. 



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