MétaFormose X Nani Iro

MétaFormose X Nani Iro

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伊藤尚美(Naomi Ito)是一位水彩畫畫家和紡織品設計師,巧妙地將自己對水彩畫上認知及技術應用設計於布料上。不論是柔軟雙層的紗布棉花、亞麻混紡,又或者是華麗的刷棉,都會因為材質的不同,渲染呈現不同的染色可能性。






MétaFormose 這季用了Nani Iro 2015年的設計Freeway布料訂製freeway dress,布料是無比親膚的雙層棉紗 只供訂作S/M 跟M/L 碼  布料已在日本斷貨 機會難得!敬請把握!

nani iro freeway dress by metaformose



Like many textile aficionados, I've long been an admirer of Nani Iro. It fascinates me to no end to observe the artistic details and the organic quality in Naomi Ito's design. Trained as a watercolour artist, her understanding of the grammar of colour is also unparalleled. (Well, except for Mina Perhonen, but that's a discussion I'll leave for another time.:)
That said, over the years, I've never had the chance to do anything with her designs because I guess I always see it more on soft furnishings and household accessories, than on women.
Then I stumbled upon her "freeway" series during a trip to Japan last October, and immediately fell in love with this faded blue number. Six months later, we made a boatneck dress out of it that we named "freeway dress."
The initial idea is to showcase the statement-making print in a simple silhouette that is perfect for Spring. Mild, subtle, and not too flamboyant. Check out the dress here and let us know what you think!!



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