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Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}
Étude dress {Burgundy}


This wonderful demure-looking summer dress has delicate pleats around the elasticated waist,creating a fuller silhouette on the bottom of the dress. Concealed zipper closure on the back.Sleeveless.Perfect for attending summer rustic-themed weddings/civil ceremony.

We have four brooch pins to go with this lovely dress. Pin is complementary.(Whoever purchases this dress is eligible to select ONE brooch pin from the drop-down menu.)

*Please note that we will need approx. 3 weeks to make this dress.

*As MétaFormose is Asia-based and catering primarily to Asian clientele(at least for the moment), the sizes we carry tend to run smaller (save for a few customizable/made-to-order pieces), please ensure that you read the sizing info carefully before placing the order. Thank you very much.

Color/Couleur: dark fuschia/burgundy
Material/Composition:100% Linen
Size/Taille:S/M/L True-to-size fit

Measurement (*=Point-to-point measurement)

Bust/Tour de poitrine:33"-34"/35"-36"/37"-38"
Waist/ Tour de taille: 25"-26"/27"-28"/29"
Hip/Bassin:Fits up to 33"-34"/35"-36"/37"-38"

Model size/ Taille de mannequin:163cm/46kg (or 5'4/101 lb) Model wears Small

Care instructions/Entretien:

Cold handwash.Do not tumble-dry.
Colour bleed is possible, wash separately from the light-coloured garments
購買此件商品顧客 可以請選擇一個腰飾 下單時請註明


MétaFormose在2014八月份榮登法國版流行時尚指標Elle網站Dossier Mode的獨立小店推薦系列 2015年2月登上英國版Vogue品牌capsule collection介紹單元

100%亞麻製成 非常適合莊園/戶外婚禮 十分適合台灣亞熱帶的氣候(內裡布用透氣的絲) 禮服本身風格自然不矯作 前方有摺紋 腰圍半彈性 隱形拉鍊開在背後正中間
*我們需要2.5週時間製作 MF昰兩人小團隊 恕不接急單

材質/成分:100% 亞麻(內裡:絲棉)
*腰圍取最細數值(通常是肚臍繞一圈就是了) 臀圍跟胸圍請取最寬值

全長:104cm 以顧客身高作調整